If you are currently experiencing site problems…

If you are currently experiencing site problems, make sure and check with the company you registered your domain with to make sure your “nameservers” are:

  • ns1.logjamming.com
  • ns2.logjamming.com
  • ns3.logjamming.com
  • ns4.logjamming.com

If they aren’t, simply log into the website for your registrar (the place you bought your domain name from) and swap that up. If you need directions on how to do that, check out this site: http://demodemo.com/tutorials_dns.html. The company who makes them (“Demo Demo”) has lots of good tutorials and stuff like that, unfortunately we’re a couple of broke guys who can’t afford snazzy tutorials (yet) so you can get the idea from their samples. If for some reason, you can’ fit all 4, just put as many as possible. We maintain 4 for redundancy purposes so that if 1 or 2 (or 3….::ack::!) go down your site will stay up.

Finally, we also do domain registrations now too. It’s $10/year and we don’t have it fully automated yet, so if you decide that you want to take us up on the offer, shoot us an email at: support@logjamming.com and we’ll start the process. You’ll need to confirm you want to move it with the people you’re currently paying, but it’s relatively painless.

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